Before You Start

We are almost ready to start Matched Betting and making some risk free cash but before we start here are a couple of things to get you prepared


When you Sign Up to a New Bookmaker you will be asked if you want to receive incentives and promotions. I Would always advise to click yes to this as some of the offers they send can be very lucrative. To avoid missing any of these offers or cluttering up an existing email account it is wise to set up a Matched Betting only Email Account. These are Free to set up with Hotmail or GMail and only take a few minutes.


Please note this is not essential but I personally swear by it, setting up a Bank Account purely for Matched Betting makes it so much easier to track all of your money and avoids clashing with cash you may use for other means.


Most Bookmakers require you to send forms of Identification before you can withdraw funds from them. This is to avoid Money Laundering Offences and to verify you are the person you say you are. This can be frowned upon by some people but it is for your own safety and I look at this as a positive they are on the ball against possible fraud. Having a form of ID Such as Passport or Drivers Licence downloaded and easy to send as well as a Recent Utility Bill (3 Months) makes this process much quicker.


Write down or record everything you do, Dates of bets, what the bet was, any deposits you make, any withdrawals you make..........EVERYTHING !!! I find it easier to just use a pen and paper but others use programs such as excel to keep a record. However you do it is up to you but JUST DO IT !!!