Below is a number of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) I often get asked about Matched Betting. Should you need to ask anything that is not listed here then you can always contact us via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

Can Anybody Do Matched Betting ?

As Long as you are over the age of 18 and a resident of The UK or ROI. All you need is a basic understanding of the Concept (Which we will guide you through) and a little spare time each week

I Already Have Accounts with Bookmakers, Can I Still Make Money ?

Absolutely you can, infact many Matched Betting Experts would say that once you have completed the 75+ Sign up offers on our Members Page that is when you start to make the consistent profits through the Existing Offers for ALL Customers. There is literally hundreds of these "Reload" offers every single month

Are My Friends & Family able to do Matched Betting ?

Every Bookmaker is different, some allow people from the same household to open accounts yet some companies restrict this. You should check with each individual Bookmaker to see if they are "Partner Friendly"

What are Mug Bets

A mug bet is where you are placing a bet that the Bookmakers would encourage you to make, a bet that gives a major edge to the Bookmaker. Placing a bet on a Short Price Football team like Man Utd @1.23 would be considered a Mug Bet as the long term edge is with the Bookie. Placing Mug Bets is regarded as a good way of keeping your account of the Radar of Bookmakers looking for "Us" Matched Betters thus keeping your accounts open and active longer

What are Wagering Requirements ?

A Wagering Requirement is something you will come across when you do some of the Casino Offers. It means you have to play through a Bonus so many times for example if you have to Wager 5x through a £10 bonus you would need to wager £50 before you could withdraw

Which Sports Should I Use for Matched Betting ?

You can do Matched Betting on any sport that has odds, however i would advise new Matched Bettors to stick to football and try and avoid Horse Racing as the Odds can Change very quickly in the lead up to a race. As well as sticking to Football i would also try and stick to Simple Markets such as 1x2 and Under/Overs. You should always check each individual Bookmakers terms However

Is Matched Betting Legal ?

Matched Betting is 100% Legal and most Bookmakers Encourage this concept. They are trying to gain your custom and a survey conducted in 2009 suggested that Bookmakers will offer up to £300 to tempt a Customer to place bets with them

Will Matched Betting Affect my Credit Score ?

The majority of online bookies will not perform a credit check, so the answer is no. Some spread betting firms may however perform a credit check so make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of all accounts that you open just to make sure.

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