Making Money from Matched Betting

Matched Betting is used by people in numerous ways, some will use it as a way of making a decent second income, others may use it as there main source of income whilst others may well just look to earn an extra £100 per month !
Below we have listed some Tips and how to Make Money from Matched Betting


You're earnings from Matched Betting can be very different to what somebody else may earn, this can be due to a number of factors such as How Much Time you are able to Commit, How much you have to start with, or they may just have higher ambitions than yourself.


A few Years ago the Goverment made Winnings from Gambling (Matched Betting) Tax Free. Anything you earn goes straight into your Pocket and the Tax Man/Woman will not see a penny of it.


Any Money you put into Matched Betting is simply there to help you make Profits. The Money you invest in Matched Betting is simply a safety net to use whilst you are waiting for withdrawals from Bookmakers and Exchanges. Try to keep a record of all bets and transactions you make as some Withdrawals can take up to 5 days to process and return to your accounts


Again this depends on what expectations you have from Matched Betting, some of the more successful Matched Bettors spend maybe 4-5 Hours per day doing the offers and they are the ones who earn 1k+ each month whilst others with a Full Time Job may only be able to commit to an hour a day. Having a routine in place is a great idea and here is some ideas

Mornings - Spend this time looking for any offers that are available for the day ahead

Afternoons - Everyday in the UK There are Horse Racing Meetings and everyday there are Matched Betting Opportunities to earn Profits. On a Weekend there will be lots of Football and you will have lots and lots of offers to get through

Evenings - 99% of the time there will be some kind of football available to find Matched Betting opportunities from

Weekends - The Weekends are the "Holy Grail" for Matched Bettors as this is when most of the action takes place. On a Typical Weekend all Bookmakers will be offering Reload Offers and Incentives either on their websites or Via Email. Most Matched Bettors will make over 50% of Profits from action on a Weekend. Set yourself a Routine for a Weekend as it can get hectic but the more organised you are the easier it is


The Sign Up Offers are were all Matched Bettors should start and this is where your profits will start to soar. Take a Look at the "Offers" Page and work your way through the offers starting with the Bet X Get Y offers. These are so simple and you are learning on the go. By completion of the Sign Up Offers you should have made between £600 - £1000


Reload offers are what Bookmakers Offer to Existing Customers. Some Bookmakers offer Reloads Frequently whilst some may not offer you anything after you have signed up. When you register for a New Account ALWAYS tick the box "Receive Offers". They will send you offers via email this way.


Price Boosts are offered on Many Sporting Events and sometimes can last as little as 15 Minutes before they are taken down. Price Boosts are a brilliant way to top up your Earnings, Some may be worth a small profit of £1 - £2 but there may be as many as 50 - 100 Price Boosts offered every week


These are a Little Gold Mine and lots of Bookmakers are now offering these. The Incentives and offers vary from Bookmaker to Bookmaker but these take very little time and over the course of a Year they really add up. Skybet Bet Club for Example is Bet £25 each week to earn a £5 Free Bet. 52 Weeks in a Year equals 5 x 52 = £510 Every Year for something that will take you 5 Mins every week. If you do all of the Bet Clubs it is around £80 per week