Meet The Team

You have probably come across us all at some point whilst browsing the Website, Facebook Page or on Twitter but who are the people behind the Names ? Here we give you a Run Down on "Who we Are" and what our specific roles are at ProfitBoosterUK


Mark was the founder of ProfitBoosterUK and he is a bit of an all rounder but his main focus is on the Commercial side of things. Mark has developed a Working Relationship with many Partners that has enabled our Company to Continue to Grow at a sustainable pace.



Xander is our "Geek" in the Office and is responsible for all of the Web Development. Originally from Sweden Xander stumbled upon Matched Betting whilst Travelling in London in 2014. If we have any kind of Technical Glitch we know we can rely on "The Swede"



Stacy is in Charge of our Quality Control (QC) department. Nothing will be listed on the Website or Social Media before it has been checked by Stacy. A Keen Matched Bettor since 2015 Stacy will also pop up answering your Questions Via Emails or Social Media.



Richard oversees all of the offers we List and gives you the solution on how to make Profit from them. Richard loves his numbers and has A+ In GCSE Maths and also a 2:1 Degree in Mathematics from Cambridge. When he is not finding offers for you guys he might just pop up on the Facebook Page



Natalie is part of our Customer Support team. There is nothing Natalie does not known about Matched Betting and she has been at it full time since 2012. Most likely to be the one offering you advice behind those Twitter and Facebook Pages.



Leam is the man behind all the Videos and Guides that help you understand and make money from Matched Betting. A keen Photographer Leam is also the man who creates any content you will see on our Social Media Sites.

You Can Contact us :