Member Stories: Ellie

Ellie is a Trainee Solicitor, here is her Matched Betting Story

How did you hear about Matched Betting ?

It was my Ex-Boyfriend who introduced me to Matched Betting, Funnily enough after I was Nagging him about Gambling

When did you start Matched Betting ?

June 2014 was the date I started as I remember there was a World Cup on and England did rubbish

How easy did you find it initially?

I was a Girl doing what I thought was Betting, How do you think I got it, Girl's don't Gamble !!! In truth I did lots of Reading up on Matched Betting even after my Ex Boyfriend had explained how it Worked. It took me maybe a full 4 months until I fully Understood everything I was doing

What does your working day look like?

As I am a Trainee Solicitor much of my day is spent with my head in a book learning however If I need a Break I usually do a little bit of Matched Betting. I am quite sociable so I am out most evening's with Friends

How Many hours a Week do you assign to Matched Betting?

Maybe 10-12 per week. During the week it is not more than an hour a day as I am a Busy Bunny but on a weekend I do a couple of Hours on a Saturday Morning.

How Much do you earn each Month from Matched Betting?

Some of the Figures I see are amazing and something I aspire too but I think I probably Average about £200 a Month, Not as much as others but it is a nice little extra for me

What has been you best Month from Matched Betting?

The First Month when I did all of the Sign Up offers I made about £1200

Do you Know how Much you have earned since you started?

Not exactly No, I really need to start saving my Profits instead of enjoying myself

Have you Bought anything Major with you Matched Betting Profits?

I don't feel I have earned enough to buy anything Major but what it has allowed me to do is spend more time with my Friends and being able to do things I otherwise would not be able too.

What do your Family & Friends think of Matched Betting?

My Mum was shocked when I told her I was doing this, I think she thought her Daughter was turning into a Gambling Addict ha, Many of my friends are also in Training and do Matched Betting to earn a Little Extra each Month

Any Advice to a Matched Betting Beginner?

Don's spend your Profits !!! Yeah Definitely this !!