Member Stories: Heather

Heather is a 20 Year Old Student, Here is her Matched Betting Story

How did you hear about Matched Betting ?

“In my first week at Uni I noticed a Poster advertising Matched Betting in our Communal Room but I just brushed it off as a scam. A couple of weeks later on a messy student night in the Uni bar I got talking to one of my Tutors and he said he he knew a few students who had started Matched Betting and were making some decent money. I was skint so I had nothing to lose and I took the plunge.”

When did you start Matched Betting ?

“I think it was November 2014 when I started, infact it was because I remember I missed going to a Bonfire display so I could stay in and do some Matched Betting !!!”.

How easy did you find it initially?

Haha, I am a Girl, I am not Sporty and I am Not good at Maths, I found it very difficult but then I came across this website and I took my time reading the start up guides and it started to make sense to me. I was still really nervous placing the first bet and I remember hovering over the Place Bet button for about 5 Minutes before I plucked up the courage to do it”. If I can do this then believe me anybody can because even now I don’t understand football or like it but I am always placing Matched Bets on it”.

What does your working day look like?

“I am a student, haha my day usually involves a lie in till about 10am and my first Lesson is at 11. Once my lesson has finished I get straight on the Computer and place my Horse Racing bets for the afternoon hoping to hit one of the refunds. Then I will just work my way through the rest of the daily offers and do which offers I am comfortable with” After that I occasionally study but can probably be found in the Student Uni Bar”.

How Many hours a Week do you assign to Matched Betting?

“I would say about 20, Weekends are the most profitable time so naturally that is when I spend most of my time Matched Betting. Some weekends I can be sat at the computer for up to 4 hours at a time. I actually find it quite enjoyable so it is not a problem for me”.

How Much do you earn each Month from Matched Betting?

“I have never made less than £200 and for a student like me that makes a lot of difference. Where others are struggling to enjoy themselves I find I can let my hair down a little bit more. I am not sure but an average would possibly be around £400 Per Month”.

What has been you best Month from Matched Betting?

“The first month I did Matched Betting was the most profitable but that is when you are doing all of the Sign Up offers, I think I came away with just shy of £900. I made the mistake of thinking I could make £900 every month and pretty much blew that first months profits thinking I would make the same te following month”.

Do you Know how Much you have earned since you started?

Not a Clue, I am not a very organized person to be honest and even now after almost 3 years I don’t keep a record of what I place bets on. I guess I am an example of how not to do it. I did send home £1200 just before last Christmas so I must of made a nice little sum”.

Have you Bought anything Major with you Matched Betting Profits?

“I am gonna sound so boring here, but I have spent a lot of it on Books and Stationary and pretty much anything I need for Uni. I did manage to buy myself a second hand Renault Clio last summer, I called her “Hermione”.

What do your Family & Friends think of Matched Betting?

“I think my mum and dad thought I had a Betting Problem when I first started because I was sending a little bit of money home and when they asked where it was from and I said Bookmakers they just assumed I was gambling. I have a close circle of friends, and all of us now do Matched Betting

Any Advice to a Matched Betting Beginner?

“Keep a Record from Day 1 of all your Activities, how much of a Hypocrite am I !! In fact I am gonna make a promise to myself to keep records from this day on. Other than that just give it a go, no matter what form of life you are from there is money to be made from this and once you get your head around it, you will never look back.