Member Stories: Ingrid

Ingrid Work's in the Public Sector, Here is her Matched Betting Story

How did you hear about Matched Betting ?

I saw an advert on a Billboard at Liverpool St Station

When did you start Matched Betting ?

Just last year in October

How easy did you find it initially?

The first few days are just a whirlwind of information you are trying to take in but the Guides are so helpful and bit by bit you begin to understand how it works and then it becomes fairly simple

What does your working day look like?

I have what most people would describe a High Powered Job and I do a lot of travelling and spend most of my week in a Hotel. Depending On how far away I am working I usually spend time in the Gym and then I do some Matched Betting before I head out to work about 11am. I generally am back at the Hotel at 6pm or so and it is a relaxing bath a meal and then Back to my Room for an Hour Matched Betting before Bed

How Many hours a Week do you assign to Matched Betting?

Maybe just over 10 per week I would say, Definitely no more. I don't see my family during the week so my whole weekend is spent with them. Those few hours do allow me to do enough to make it worthwhile though

How Much do you earn each Month from Matched Betting?

I don't earn a great deal form Matched Betting to be brutally honest, maybe £250 per Month but it is more about relaxing for me as It is something I enjoy and is a good way to unwind for me after a stressful day at Work

What has been you best Month from Matched Betting?

I won £1350 on a Casino offer just last month. was a lovely shock as I left it on Auto Spin whilst I had a Bath and returned top see I had won that amount

Do you Know how Much you have earned since you started?

I don't have a Clue

Have you Bought anything Major with you Matched Betting Profits?

Nothing of Monetry Value but it has allowed me to do something I enjoy in my spare time rather than just pottering about in Hotel Rooms

What do your Family & Friends think of Matched Betting?

None of My Family know I do Matched Betting, Maybe I should tell them !!

Any Advice to a Matched Betting Beginner?

Go ahead and give it a go, As I have explained it is not about the money for me but so many people are earning lovely amounts to help them be able to afford nice things, what is not to like about that