Member Stories: Michelle

Michelle is a PA for a Legal firm in Kent and here is her Matched Betting Story

How did you hear about Matched Betting?

It was actually a Client who came into work who told me about it, he explained that he had paid for his legal costs from doing Matched Betting alone. I went home that evening and had a look what it was all about on line and although It took me a few weeks to finally place my first bets I have not looked back

When did you start Matched Betting?

I started in January 2014 and in truth it was a good time to start as we had just had Christmas and with the bad weather in January it allowed me much more time to read the guides and fully understand how it worked before I placed them first bets

How easy did you find it initially?

I Was like a Duck out of Water, I had never placed a bet in my life !! Together with my husband we kind of muddled it altogether and we have both had account for Matched Betting since that moment

What does your working day look like?

I have two children in Primary School so i do the "School Run" before I start Work at 9am, In my Dinner hour I have a look online to see what offers I can do later. Once work has finished we Have Tea, Get the kids in bed then I get around an 2 hours to do some Matched Betting. Pretty hectic but I love those couple of Hours I get to myself and I'm making money so even better

How Many hours a Week do you assign to Matched Betting?

Not as much as I would like if I am honest but with a full time job and 2 children it is not easy. I get 2 maybe 3 Hours on a weeknight if I am lucky and then on a Weekend I get maybe 4 hours each day so Weekends are definately the time I can devote to Matched Betting

How Much do you earn each Month from Matched Betting?

Every Month is different depending on time and what offers are available but I am aiming to earn a minimum of £300 a month and this is seen as extra income on top of my wages from work. Doubled up with my husband also doing it we get at least an extra £500 - £600 each month.

What has been you best Month from Matched Betting?

The first month was my best Month but that was purely because all of the sign up offers are so lucrative. Since then i did have a month when I made around £700 but this was due to a BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) Horse winning that was worth about £150

Do you Know how Much you have earned since you started?

I Do, I am very organised with my Matched Betting and keep records of pretty much everything. Since I started I have made £16340, this is just from my Matched Betting alone and not including anything from my Husbands Accounts which will be similar.

Have you Bought anything Major with you Matched Betting Profits?

In June 2017 we were able to take the Kids to Disneyland in Florida for 3 weeks which was pretty expensive but is something we only intend on doing once !!! We had no worries about paying for it as we simply paid it all off in one go from the Matched Betting fund. It has also allowed us to replace an old car with a much better model

What do your Family & Friends think of Matched Betting?

Initially I think they thought that I was crackers but in time they have come to understand how the concept works and a couple of them have even taken the plunge and started themselves.

Any Advice to a Matched Betting Beginner?

Read, Read, Read at the Start, Once you get your head around how it works it makes it so much easier once you start doing the offers. You will never fully understand it all as even after 4 years I am learning new things every month. This really is one of the best things I ever did all thanks to a random conversation with someone in our offices