Member Stories: Mohamed

Mohamed is an IT Consultant in London, Here is his Matched Betting Story

How did you hear about Matched Betting?

I heard about Matched Betting through an ad in The Evening Standard Newspaper whilst commuting to work

When did you start Matched Betting?

I've not been doing this for long, maybe around 6 months or so.

How easy did you find it initially?

Not too bad if I am honest, I work within Computer Industry so there isn't much I have never come across so much of the software was straightforward, It was the stuff that others would find easy that I struggled with like placing a Bet

What does your working day look like?

My Commute to work lasts about 45 Minutes so whereas I used to read the newspaper I now do some Matched Betting on my Tablet. I then have my Working day and then spend my Commute Home doing some more Matched Betting. Once I get home and settle down I get another hour to do more

How Many hours a Week do you assign to Matched Betting?

Too Many according to my wife, I do maybe 3 Hours each week day including my commute to and from work and on a weekend I try to spend time with my family so don't get more than a couple of hours each day so getting on for 20 Hours a week on average I would say

How Much do you earn each Month from Matched Betting?

I actually keep quite stringent records of my activity and I worked it out just last week how much I have made both overall and on average each Month and my Monthly average was just shy of £900 although hugely influenced by the sign up offers

What has been you best Month from Matched Betting?

The First Month Quite easily, I got through the Welcome Offers very Quickly and had around £1600 in the First Month

Do you Know how Much you have earned since you started?

I Do, In the 6 Months that I have been doing Matched Betting I have made £6300

Have you Bought anything Major with you Matched Betting Profits?

I must be the most boring Matched Bettor ever but I can honestly say I have not bought anything major. In saying that I have been very strict with allowing my bank to grow as the more money you can throw at this the easier it is to make profits

What do your Family & Friends think of Matched Betting?

I don't really talk about Matched Betting to my Friends and Family as my Religion is not really linked to this kind of Past Time

Any Advice to a Matched Betting Beginner?

Take the Plunge, It really would be as simple as that