Mug Betting

One thing that is out of our control as Matched Bettors is trying to keep our accounts out the limelight and being flagged up to Bookmakers. Your account will always be tracked and your betting patterns will be analysed and if you fall foul of the Bookmakers you may be restricted or lose your account

However one of the most well thought of suggestions to prevent this is to place "Mug Bets"

When we place a "Mug Bet" we are trying to look like a normal Punter and not just a Matched Bettor who is looking to profit from offers and incentives

We still use the same technique so we will lay the bets off at the Betting Exchange but we might have to lose a little profit to keep our accounts healthy and away from suspicion !!



Don't bet on Obscure Markets - If you open an account and start betting on a Peruvian 2nd Division Match you are likely to have your account checked out. Try placing "Mug Bets" on Big and Popular events such as Premier League. La Liga, Serie A Football. Major Horse Racing Meetings are also good places to place them "Mug Bets"

Bet on Your Team - Placing a Bet on your favourite team every weekend is a super idea as lots of punters place a bet on their team every weekend, It will show a pattern to the Bookmakers.

In-Play Bets - A lot of Bookmakers earn substantial profit from In-Play Markets as more punters enjoy a bet on a match whilst it is in progress. Make yourself look like a Regular Punter by doing this

Casino & Games - Punters who play on Games and Casino are the Bookmakers favourites, they make them the most money. There is no way to Matched Bet on Casino's but for the sake of losing a couple of ££ a week it might be worth having a little casino bet

Accumulators - Another of the Bookmaker Favourites, Loads of Punters chase the big win from an acca and rarely win so Bookies love them. Throw a Couple of Quid on an Accumulator each weekend

Don't Abuse Value - Don't always take the best price when it is offered. Customers who always take the best odds will soon be flagged up, it is worth missing a couple of offers and trying to keep your account healthy



I would always try and place some kind of "Mug Bets" every week especially with the Bookmakers you use frequently. When you have first signed up to a new Bookmaker is always a good time to do some "Mug Betting"