OddsMonkey Review

OddsMonkey is the No1 Matched Betting Subscription Service which will show you how to profit from offers from Bookmakers, Casino & Bingo Offers

OddsMonkey was initially launched in 2011 as a Software Developer which included their award winning Oddsmatcher Software that was leased to other Matched Betting Services. The Oddsmatcher allows users to Back & Lay odds Instantly and takes out all the hassle of finding close odds to use for Matched Betting

Others have come along and developed their own software but OddsMonkey remains the Biggest & Best Available.

In 2016 the decision was made to Make Oddsmonkey a Complete Matched Betting Service and they have continued to develop further Software which we will review further down. Oddsmonkey now have over 30k Users Signed up and earning a Regular Tax Free Income Every Month



OddsMonkey offer Two Types of Premium Membership, Monthly Subscription and Yearly Subscription.

The Monthly Subscription is £17.99pm with the Yearly Membership at £150. Taking out a Yearly Subscription means you are paying around £13 Each Month.

The Costs are Substantially cheaper that many other online Matched Betting Sites.

The Real Bonus is.................. What Price you sign up at is Guaranteed FOR LIFE

If you sign up Monthly now for £17.99 you will ALWAYS Pay that Regardless if the Price Goes Up
If you sign up Yearly now for £150 you will ALWAYS Pay that Regardless if the Price Goes Up



Oddsmatcher was the breakthrough product for Oddsmonkey, At the most recent Download they had access to over 90 Bookmakers Feeds allowing Matched Bettors to find Suitable Matched Betting Opportunities.

The OddsMatcher allows you to choose which sport you are looking for, what odds you are searching for and also how much Money is available to "Lay" your bets at the Betting Exchanges.

Every Matched Bettor should be using the OddsMatcher



The Racing Matcher is every Horse Racing Punters Dream, it lists every race that has an offer linked to it.

Select the race you want and the Racing Matcher will bring up a detailed list of the runners and the Potential Profit available.



The Eachway Matcher is another recent addition to the OddsMonkey Software and this Software alone will more that pay for your Monthly Subscription.

Each Way Arbing is not used by many people but it can be highly profitable. The way this software works is you back a Horse EW (Each Way) and then Lay both the Win & Place Markets to make a Guaranteed Profit. The EW Matcher Scans the Bookmaker feeds and identifies the Races and Horses that are eligible. The Calculator does all of the work for you and tells you what to lay on the Win & Lay Markets

The EW Matcher is also available to use on Races offering Extra Places and the best bit of this software is that it can be used using those accounts that have been Restricted. Some Matched Bettors are suggesting that it is possible to make around £200 each month from the EW Matcher



The Acca Matcher is a Little Gold Mine for Matched Bettors to use.

It covers FOUR Different Types of Accumulators, (No Lay, Lay at the Start, Lay Sequential & Lock in Profit)

The Acca Matcher will help you select which Football Leagues are Eligible and what Minimum Odds are Required for your Accumulator. They also list all of the Terms & Conditions and what the refund will be if you happen to Qualify.

I am a big advocaat of the Acca Matcher having made almost £8000 in 2017 from using this Product.

This will save you hours scrolling through bookmakers and your profits will soar.



I don't want to be disparaging to anybody but the Guides that OddsMonkey have put together could be understood by young children.

They really are that straight forward

Every Step is explained to you from understanding how the concept works to each individual offer.

If you are not great at understanding from Written Instructions then fear not as OddsMonkey have produced loads of videos that guide you through step by step.

For anybody just starting out Matched Betting there is nobody better at taking you through step by step than OddsMonkey



The Daily Calendar is every Matched Bettors 1st Port of Call if you have completed the Sign Up Offers.

The Calendar lists every offer whether that be Sport, Casino or Bingo for that Particular Day and for those of you very organised you can look days and weeks ahead.

The Calendar will tell you the Potential or Guaranteed Profit from each individual offer so you can decide if you wish to do that Offer or Not.

The Calendar is neatly set out and easy to navigate. Makes Matched Betting Straight forward



Despite their excellent range of tools and low prices, the thing that impresses me most about OddsMonkey is the friendly staff and their values. Their ethos is to provide the best possible value to their customers, which is something I admire and can relate to.

They are always looking to develop new tools for their customers at no extra cost. That’s not to say they won’t ever increase their prices, but the great thing about their pricing structure is that once you sign up at a certain rate, that’s the rate you pay for the lifetime of your account.

OddsMonkey have many long-term customers paying just £5.00 per month. That was the monthly rate when they signed up for the original premium oddsmatcher service. When OddsMonkey relaunched the site in 2016 as a complete matched betting package, their prices were frozen. It’s their way of thanking their loyal customers.