Skybet – Price Boost Midweek – (Break Even)

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It's another Busy Midweek of Football with Premier League and English Football League action and Skybet have given us another Accumulator Price Boost. They have Enhanced Wolves, Leicester & Leeds to win with the Crowd Boosted Price dependant on how many people take up the offer. Stakes can vary on this offer but generally the Max Bet is £10

Using Matched Betting we could make a Potential Profit of around £13


Skybet will keep enhancing the Boosted Acca dependant on how many people take up the offer, the more people who take up the offer the better the Boost Price will be. Below is a table of the Boosted Odds with regards to how many people take up the offer

Number of Customers Price Boost
0 11/2
500 6/1
5000 13/2
10000 7/1
20000 15/2
50000 8/1
75000 17/2
100000 9/1


I am going to assume the Price Boost is 17/2

For the Skybet Price Boosts I always UNDERLAY to try Maximize Profit

Enter that Information into the Calculator in ADVANCED MODE & NORMAL Below

Place £10.00 on the Boosted Acca @ 9.50 at Skybet

Lay £10.21 at Smarkets on Boosted Acca @ 8.00 = Potential liability of £71.60

Possible Outcomes

Possible Outcome If Bookmaker Exchange Profit/Loss
Boosted Acca Wins +£85 -£71.60 £13.53 Profit
Boosted Acca DOES NOT Win -£10 +£10 Even


We Now Know All Possible Outcomes

If the Boosted Acca wins our Underlay would give us £13.53 Profit

If the Boosted Acca DOES NOT Win you would break even