What is Gubbing & How to Avoid


A Gubbing Can feel like the End of the World for a Matched Bettor !! A Gubbing is where you get your account restricted by a Bookmaker. Being "Gubbed" means you may have your stakes restricted or not be able to participate in any offers being offered by that Bookmaker. Most Bookmakers will send you an email explaining their decision. They will not mention being "Gubbed" as that is a Matched Betting term


There are many theories as to why people get "Gubbed". The most common explanation is that you have only been using that particular Bookmaker to do Promotional Offers and that you are not considered a Profitable Customer to them. When looking at the history of your account this is something they will look closely at. Matched Betting is a Sure Fire way to take money from Bookmakers and they want to avoid losing money

Another common explanation is when you take too much value from a Bookmaker, you will be graded by Bookmakers as to how profitable your account is to them. If you are winning regular money from them and very rarely losing you will be "Flagged" up and a "Gubbing" may be close !! They don't just target Matched Bettors though, this is a common factor for any Gamblers

The most serious reason for getting "Gubbed" is something very risky and is bordering on being illegal. This is where you are using more than one Account, known as "Multi Accounting". It is the art of running two or more accounts maybe using a friend or relatives details. You can be flagged up as Bookmakers can easily trace this from Addresses, Phone Numbers or IP Addresses

We DO NOT encourage this in any way shape or form.


There are many people Who Matched Bet who swear by some of these Practices, None of these have ever been confirmed by Bookmakers However

"Place Mug Bets" - Place Regular Mug Bets with Bookmakers, this helps you look like a normal gambler and your account will not come under as much scrutiny

"Routine Bets" - Place a Matched Bet every week on your favourite sport team, Many People like a bet on their team each weekend so if you do this again it is likely to bring less scrutiny to your account.

"Casino" - This is considered a Popular option as Bookmakers make most of their profits from Casino and Games. Every week just place a couple of pounds on Casino or Games. You may well lose the couple of pounds but long term it could keep the "Gubbing" stick away

"Don't Abuse" - This is really a bit about common sense, If you are doing every offer the Bookmaker is offering and earning lots from them you are not a good customer for them. Try not to do every offer and just the best and most profitable


Chances are you will not be ungubbed, you have obviously been banned for a reason so are unlikely to be asked back !! There has been rare occasions were accounts have been UnGubbed but it is considered rare. This is why we recommend some of the options above to try and stop your account raising suspicion