What is Matched Betting

Matched Betting is a Betting Loop Hole that let's us extract real cash from Free Bets & Bonuses offered by Bookmakers. There are now Hundreds of Online Bookmakers all trying to gain our business & in Exchange they offer incentives to try and make us use their brand.

Ladbrokes Currently offer any New Customer who sign up to them a £20 Free Bet when they Bet just £5 - We can use the Matched Betting Loophole to make a Guaranteed Profit of around £15 from that offer alone.

William Hill have a Sign Up Offer of Bet £10 & Receive £30 in Free Bets. Using the loophole we can make a Guaranteed Profit of around £24.

There are literally loads of Bookmakers offering Incentives like this and we can use Matched Betting to profit from ALL of them and make some Guaranteed Tax Free Cash


Matched Betting can sound complicated but to make it as simple as possible all we are doing is betting on opposite outcomes of an event or Match/Race and covering every eventuality

There is TWO types of Bet involved in Matched Betting

"Back Bet" - This is something most people will be familiar with, this is where we are Betting on an Event Happening with a Bookmaker
"Lay Bet" A Lay bet is where we are Betting on an Event NOT Happening with a Betting Exchange

I will use Germany v Netherlands as an Example using the Ladbrokes Bet £5 get £20 Free Sign Up Offer

You fancy Germany to beat Netherlands so place the £5 Bet at the Bookmaker

You Can see from the Screenshot we have Placed a £5 "Back" Bet on Germany to Win and would receive £9.75 back if they Win

To Cover this bet you would also "Lay" Germany to win at the Betting Exchange

You Can see from the Screenshot we have Placed a £5 "Lay" Bet on Germany  and would receive £9.75 back if they DO NOT WIN

So if Germany Win - We Win at the Bookmaker but Lose at the Betting Exchange

If Germany Draw or Lose we win at the Betting Exchange but Lose at the Bookmaker.

So we placed two bets that have covered all possible outcomes. We will not win any Money from Bets we have just placed but we have not lost any money as the bets cancel each other out. The Important thing is we have now Unlocked the Free Bet and that is where we will make the Profit by following the same Actions we used in the First Bet Above.


This is a Question I get asked more than any other. Let's be honest this seems too good to be true & usually when that appears to be the case it usually is......However Matched Betting has been around since the turn of the Century since the formation of Betting Exchanges. As more and more people have heard about Matched Betting it has grown and grown and it was suggested that in 2017 over 90 Thousand people in the UK were profiting from Matched Betting.

I don't expect you to take my word for it but if you type "Matched Betting" into the Search Engines you will find hundreds of articles about it. Some major publications have run stories of the benefits of Matched Betting including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

Anybody can get Involved with Matched Betting, it does not matter if you have never placed a bet in your life, or even if you don't like Sport, our walk through guides will show you everything you need to know and how to Profit.


The Concept of Matched Betting is 100% Fool Proof, the Major Risk is Human Error. Make sure that you fully understand the bets that you are placing and you will have no problems at all


Many People are nervous about taking the plunge into Matched Betting and we get asked Many of the Same Questions time after time so we have answered them all in our FAQ Section Here